Which Horse Racing Bets Are The Most Profitable?

When you open the horse racing gambling markets you will be presented with an incredible selection of different types of wagers. However, many of them are a complete waste of time. To ensure you only make high-quality predictions stick to these wager types!

Why Are Single Thoroughbred Racing Bets So Good?

Single bets are the most popular form of horse race gambling because they are simple, available on every event, and tend to have great odds. With this strategy, all you need to do is predict which worse win or place you (1st or 2nd). If you want to chase a higher payout gamble on a horse to win but if you want to hedge some of your risk stick to making place bets!

Are Doubles Profitable?

A double is a multi-faceted wager where you gamble on two thoroughbreds to place or win different races. With this strategy, you only win if both of your animals are successful. This strategy is a great way to increase your payout but of course, they are riskier than standard single wagers.
An awesome strategy to make money with double bets is to find two big favorites and bet on both of them to outright win. By combining both outcomes into a single gamble you can seriously boost your payout.

Can You Make Money With Treble Wagers?

If you want to further increase your potential payout you can try your luck with a treble! A treble is similar to a double except you have to bet on 3 different thoroughbreds instead of just 2. Trebles are incredibly popular as gamblers can turn a small stake into a huge payout if they are able to pick 3 horses to win. When making trebles it is best to avoid underdog horses and stick to thoroughbreds that have a history of winning and are currently in fine form. Even if you bet on 3 heavily favored thoroughbreds, you will still receive great odds!

How Do Trixie Wagers Work?

A Trixie is a super exciting way to gamble on horse racing and it provides the potential for incredible payouts. A Trixie features 3 x doubles and 1 x treble and to win all you need is just 2 of your predictions to be correct. To create a Trixie you have to find 3 events and 3 different thoroughbreds. You then place your money on thoroughbreds 1, 2, and 3 to create a treble and then create 3 different doubles featuring the same 3 horses. Trixies are a fun way to bet on multiple events and chase a big payout.

Start Gambling On Horse Racing Events Now!

If you stick to our recommended wager types you will be able to make high-value wagers. Now you just need to pick a race, pick a thoroughbred and select one of the bet types above. Good luck!