Two inspections will take place on Tuesday

Two inspections will be held on Tuesday, and due to the recent cold snap, Southwell and Haydock are at risk. Southwell announced an inspection at 7:30 on Tuesday for his seven-race map the same day, with the first race scheduled for 12:25.
If the night forecast turns out to be accurate, track clerk Paul Barker is confident that the race will take place. “The track is frozen and is currently not suitable for racing,” Barker said Monday morning.
“Temperatures dropped to -3C overnight, but are still just below freezing. We have an inspection in the morning. Today the temperature is expected to rise slowly, it will be above freezing, and no frost is expected tonight. I am very optimistic that we will participate in the race and do not foresee any problems if the forecast is correct.” Haydock has a six-race map check on Wednesday at 2:00 pm on Tuesday.
Circuit clerk Kirkland Tellright is also optimistic about the race, but is willing to call a second inspection if the weather turns out to be unfavorable. “The earth freezes after freezing temperatures,” Tellwright said Monday morning. “Nevertheless, the forecast is improving this afternoon: the temperature will become more moderate and tomorrow may reach 10 ° C, and it will also rain.
“We expect the thaw to start tonight and then we move on to racing. We called an inspection tomorrow at 14:00. If that doesn’t work, we’ll call a second inspection, but we’re pretty optimistic about being ready to race.”