Stable Update for 3/26/15

Cassatt had a thorough exam by Dr. Bramlage over the past 2 days, including a bone scan. She has a displaced chip in one knee and a non-displaced chip in the other. She also has strained her hind suspensories. She will be fine after chip removal surgery and 60 days of recuperation.

Bal a Bali is doing great and seems to have Mandella pretty excited. He is now in regular racing plates and worked his first official 3 furlongs and got a bullet in the process. Mandella thinks that now he’s seeing the Bali that he saw in his race videos and he’s delighted.

Another top horse doing extremely well is Normandy Invasion. Larry was always high on him but thinks that he’s moving and breathing better than before his injury and recuperation. He speculates that Normandy’s lungs may’ve not quite been 100% after his lung infection last year given how much more energy and air he’s seeing in Normandy now. Normandy is ready for his first breeze but we’re being cautious and going to first have Dr. Bramlage look at him next week to ok him to start breezing.

Look of Eagles came out of his debut sore in a knee so we suspect a chip. He’s going in to Dr. Bramlage and we’ll find out what the issue is with him.

Broadway Show and Bluff both had very nice works this morning. Thirteen Arrows, Cinnamon Spice, and The Sandman are all doing fine. Coup de Grace came out his race well.

Exodus and The Trunk Monkey are getting some time off at the farm but should be returning before too long. General Ike has been gelded and is also getting some time off.

All seems fine at the Kellyn Gorder barn with Texas Two Step.

Jerry Hollendorfer is very excited about Kentuckian. He thinks the horse may be a future superstar, he does everything perfect and with ease. He’s sending him out with company to give him lessons in rating and he seems just fine with rating and listening to his rider.

Jerry is also happy with the three others in the barn — Glory, Ideal, and Bronze Star.

Jeff Runco has Ballad, Kicker Bond, Beetlebomb and Jubilation. The first three are all racing and doing fine physically. Jubilation looks to be getting close to her debut.

All of our two-year-olds with Bill Recio are doing well. The only two-year-old that we had any issues with is the Therese 13, but she’s recuperated and under tack at WinStar and coming along well.

Stable Update for 2/11/15

Normandy Invasion is back with Larry and doing very well. Larry thinks it’s remarkable how well he seems to have healed. He can’t tell from the way he feels when Larry’s on his back, nor can he find any heat or swelling or any other even slight indication that one of his ankles had incurred an injury. Normandy is supposed to just jog for 30 days, and they’ve mostly been able to keep him at a jog. He wants to do more so occasionally he’ll get into a gallop before they slow him down again. He has another week or so to go before he’ll be allowed to start galloping.

Cassatt came out of the Houston Ladies Classic as well as a horse can come out of a race. She’s doing beautifully. Larry plans to breeze her 3 times prior to the Santa Margarita, with the last one being five days out from the race.

Coup de Grace couldn’t be doing better. Larry really likes Coup and thinks that he’ll stretch out though he’ll start back at a sprint distance. He’s about 5-6 weeks from making his 2015 debut.

Broadway Show runs on Saturday. Expectations are high that she could be a special filly.

Exodus exited his race in Texas in good order. As has been reported in the press, Larry intends to keep this one going short, at least for now.

Bluff is training great and is pointing to the Risen Star on 2/21. Should he earn his way in the Risen Star, he’ll make his next start in the 3/28 Louisiana Derby.

General Ike has been gelded and sent to the farm for some R&R. This horse has been a bit frustrating to us as he has a huge gallop and seems to have far more talent than he’s shown in the afternoon. We’re going to see if a vacation may be able to turn him around.

Texas Two Step was sent to Kellyn Gorder at Oaklawn since he didn’t like the Fair Grounds surface. Kellyn reported that he was a little anxious in his new environment for a couple days but then he settled right in. He is moving nice over the Oaklawn surface.

We’ve determined that we made a mistake with The Sandman in his last race by running him back too quickly. He had run a really huge rag number in his race prior, so we should’ve given him at least a month or so to recover. We’re throwing out that race and will give him more time between races.

Cinnamon Spice is doing great. Larry’s planning to run her long next out. She should race again in the first or second week of March.

Larry was really happy with The Trunk Monkey’s return. He ran really well off such a long layoff, but Larry was particularly happy with the way The Trunk Monkey dug deep.

Jerry has always liked Kentuckian but has had to go slow and steady with this big Tiznow colt. It looks like he’ll make his debut in mid-March.

Ideal is ready for a race and Jerry is looking for one for him.

Glory was a disappointing second in the California Oaks this past weekend. The surface there is said to be extremely slow and tiring. She came out of the race well and we’ll hope that her next start on dirt shows us the filly we think she is.

Bronze Star has started back galloping.

Kicker Bond is in tomorrow and is the morning line favorite going seven-eighths. Beetlebomb will be trying his hand again at the $5,000 level and will hopefully get the win next time. Ballad is doing well and should start again in a couple weeks. Jeff is happy with the way Jubilation is training. He thinks she just might have some talent.

Thirteen Arrows is still at the farm, but she’s jogging now. She should be ready to go back to Larry in a week or two.

Clark Kent has retired and is still recovering from a serious sesamoid fracture. He had to be confined to his stall for quite a long time, but he handled his confinement well and so we have to credit Clark himself for a big part of his recovery. It does appear now that he will heal well enough that he can be a stallion or riding horse.


Today was the big day regarding Normandy Invasion. He was being seen this morning by Dr. Bramlage to determine if he could go back into training or if he should to be retired to stud. Dr. Bramlage had told us of two top horses who had the same injury who returned their pre-injury form, and he’d given Normandy a 50-50% shot of being able to do the same.

After a very methodical and thorough exam, including x-rays and ultrasounds, Dr. Bramlage gave us the fantastic news that Normandy should return to training. He had healed even better than expected — better than the aforementioned top horses — and stands a great chance of returning to the top level of racing. Dr. Bramlage was so happy for us that he gave Victoria a big congratulatory hug.

So it’s a day of excitement for Fox Hill Farm and the Larry Jones barn. Normandy should be back in Larry’s barn in a couple of weeks. We’d like to thank Dr. Bramlage and all at Rood & Riddle along with Richard Budge and all at WinStar Farm who helped Normandy in his recuperation.


Happy New Year!! Cassatt is training well and is very sound after her tune-up win in the Tiffany Lass. She is pointed for the Houston Ladies Classic at Sam Houston Race Park on January 24th. Larry is very excited about the way she is training and her race to race improvement of getting worked up in the paddock. She really has improved a lot each race. Our goal is to win a Grade 1 with her this year. Coup de Grace is back with Larry after turning him out for 60 days for a much needed rest. He has just started galloping. The goal for him is the same as Cassatt. He needs to win a Grade 1 this year. Thirteen Arrows is still turned out but should be back in training in about a month. Normandy Invasion’s fracture has improved but we will get a better idea if he can return to training or be retired when Dr. Bramlage examines him in about 10 days. General Ike took a little time off but is back in training and doing well. Texas Two Step had a couple unlucky breaks in his last two races but Larry is ready to run him long now. Broadway Show is doing great and is ready to run as is Exodus, who Larry is thrilled with. He is a very fast horse. The Trunk Monkey is improving with every work. He is a couple works from starting. Bluff is running today and even though he drew the 11th hole, we look for him to run a good race today. The Sandman got left at the gate and was out of the race from the start. He is a nice horse and will be much better when he is stretched out. Cinnamon Spice and Poetry are both training extremely well and are about a month from a race. We retired Blitz due to an injury. We are looking for a home for him hopefully in the New Orleans area. Clark Kent is also retired with a serious injury which we are working with Dr Bramlage to try and save him to give away as a riding horse. Jeff Runco has Ballad running well for him and is racing tomorrow at Laurel. He also is training Bettlebomb, Kicker Bond and Jubilation. He is doing a great job working with these horses. Bronze Star came up a little lame and Dr Bramlage thought we should turn him out for 60 days which was about a month ago. He is already feeling much better and is sound as can be now. Ideal and Glory have run good races for Jerry Hollendorfer and are due to run back within normal intervals. Kentuckian has a quarter crack and lost a lot of time training but is back at the track at Golden Gate and is doing great. Jerry is very high on this Tiznow colt. Ruby’s Escapade and Fame and Fortune will be bred soon as will Song of Solomon. I am going to sell them in November. I think I will do the same with Boston Lady unless Normandy returns to the race track. Mary Rita is retired and will be bred and sold in November also. The two year olds in training with Bill Recio in Ocala are doing great. He loves the Tapit filly that is a half sister to Mucho Macho Man. She is her favorite. We are about to name the two year olds of today. That should cover all of my horses. I am looking for a great 2015 for Fox Hill Farm.


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