Horse racing watching is exciting and captivating, but it can also be profitable. If you dedicate a little bit of time to do research and learn how to place wagers on thoroughbred racing, you can easily create a nice stream of income or even turn it into the main one. This niche offers a lot of advantages – you can have fun while earning good money, and you do not even need to be a professional gambler with years of experience. However, to actually start earning with this sport, you have to learn the basics. In our guide, we will share all the tips and tricks on what you need to know before placing your first wager on thoroughbred racing.

Find A Reliable Platform

The first thing you must do before making your first prediction is to find a legit gambling platform that actually allows thoroughbred race gambling. Since it is not the most popular sport to place money on, not all sites will offer the opportunity to make wagers on it. Before creating an account on a new site, do your research online – check out some forums and video reviews to ensure this site provides fast payouts, low or no fees, convenient ways to deposit, responsive customer support, and a neat layout. Most top-notch platforms also have dedicated iOS and Android apps which make your user experience even better allowing you to place money on thoroughbred events on the go! Pay special attention to legal provisions of the site – it protects your data from third parties, has a valid SSL certificate and top-tier software to make all financial transactions secure.

Define Your Strategy

Thoroughbred racing gambling offers tons of strategies that you can use to earn good money. The main strategies gamblers stick to are single thoroughbred racing, double prediction, treble wager, or accumulators.

The single wager is the most common and simple as you can gamble on a particular thoroughbred winning the race or even predict that they will place (1st or 2nd). With a double strategy, you place the money on multiple thoroughbreds to win or place in different events, and you win only if both horses manage to win or place. With a treble wager, you gamble on 3 thoroughbreds in unique events and your wager only wins if all of your predictions come true – since this strategy is far more complicated than the previous two, you can enjoy a much bigger ROI. If you want to get rich quickly and maybe even earn $1 million from a $100 deposit, try accumulators – gamble on four thoroughbreds and four different events.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keeping track is an integral part of your future horse racing gambling success, especially if you are just starting your journey. You can do it either on your computer or just on a piece of paper – whatever works best for you. The most important thing is to write down all the necessary information – date, size bet, bet type, the amount placed, and the final result. Over time, you will see what horse racing gambling strategies work and do not work in your case, and it will be easier to optimize your performance for better results.
Control Your Finances
No matter how much you can afford to spend on thoroughbred wagering, you must always keep full control of your wagers. We do not recommend placing over 2% of your entire bankroll on a single event, no matter how sure you are that you will win. You should always start small even if you can afford to invest $10,000 right away. Once you gain more skills and experience, you will be able to raise the bar and collect even bigger $$$ from your investments.

Search For The Best Odds And Promos

We recommend having an account on 2-3 platforms to be able to choose the best promo deals and odds before making decisions. Most top-tier sites provide regular promos to new and existing clients to keep them satisfied, so why not take advantage of this and multiply your deposit much quicker? Remember to read roll over requirements before applying promos to your wagers since the platform might put some limitations. If you prefer pre-match gambling, you can take your time comparing the odds among the platforms – if one offers 10 to 1, while another one gives 15 to 1, why leave money on the table?

Stay Updated

To become a winner in the long term and place successful wagers, you must know all the news in the horse racing world. If you decided to place money on this niche, you must already be a fan of this sport, so staying up-to-date should not be a big problem. We recommend reading news and regularly visiting horse racing betting forums to make it easier to place winning wagers and collect big $$$. Another good way to be up-to-date is to find a betting partner to discuss the latest events and new strategies. If you are just starting your gambling journey, you might need to dedicate 3-4 hours every day until you gain more skills and experience. Once you optimize your strategies, just 15 minutes of news and research per day will be enough to place amazing horse event bets and earn lucrative prizes.

Let’s Get Started!

As you can see, horse race gambling does not need to be difficult and intimidating. With our useful tips, you can easily make good money with horse racing gambling and have lots of fun! If you find a reliable bookmaker, use their promos and bonuses, hunt for the best odds, diversify the risks properly by never investing over 2% of your bankroll, and keep track of your progress, you will definitely be a winner in the long term and make good money on horse racing betting.