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Havre de Grace Arrives At Vinery Florida

Ian Brennan tells me Havre de Grace arrived very early this morning in Ocala and is very content in her stall this morning. Now it is time for her to relax and get some well deserved rest. This will also give her time for her ankles to return to normal. It won’t be long before … Continue Reading

Dr Bramlage Gives Havre de Grace Check-up

We received excellent news from Dr Larry Bramlage after he did a thorough check up of Havre de Grace on Monday, Novemeber 14th. The radiographs show the site of the previous right knee chip fracture removal to be totally normal. I looked at the radiograph and cannot even see where the chip was taken out. … Continue Reading

Havre de Grace Meet & Greet

Havre de Grace Day At The Vinery

Things could not have gone better yesterday. We had a great turnout and so many people said how excited they were to be up close and personal with Havre de Grace. The weather was perfect and so was everything else. I want to express my special thanks to Frances Relihan, the assistant general manager who manages … Continue Reading