Songbird sets Fox Hill flying

This sport is full of ups and downs.  Unfortunately, the downs are more frequent than the highs, but then a Songbird comes along and you’re reminded of how fabulous the highs are.

Songbird arrived at Jerry Hollendorfer’s stable in May as one of the top two horses in our two-year-old crop so we had some expectations for her from the start.  For her to be a two-time G1 winner in late September and the likely favorite for the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies has far surpassed our expectations.  We aim to by classic distance horses and we usually have horses with some size to them so they’re often a little later to develop.  For this reason, Songbird will be our very first juvenile Breeders’ Cup entrant.

We’re very excited to see her run on Oct. 31 at Keeneland.  It won’t be an easy task as we expect that Rachel Alexandra’s excellent filly Rachel’s Valentina will be waiting for us among other.  As long as Songbird runs her race and all the entrants come back safe, then we’ll be satisfied.  We hope that we’ll have a filly who will be one of the top three-year-old fillies in 2016.

We’ve had some inquirees about Songbird’s name.  It’s a lovely name in itself, but we did name her in honor of the late Eva Cassidy.  For those not familiar, Cassidy was a largely undiscovered talent when she lost her life to Melanoma at age 33.  She achieved fame after her death when a radio station in the UK played her rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”  The song took off and became a chart hit.  As a result, a compilation of her work was released on an album entitled “Songbird.”  The album was aptly titled not just due to her version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” which is on the CD but it’s also a description of Cassidy herself.  Her voice is incredibly beautiful in its clarity and tone.  She was an extraordinary talent who was lost too soon.

Here is a link to Cassidy’s “Songbird”:

We want to thank everyone for all the well wishes we’ve received via phone, email and social media.  It seems Songbird has already generated a fan base, and we hope that it’ll continue to grow larger.  –RICK


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