Stable Update for 3/26/15

Cassatt had a thorough exam by Dr. Bramlage over the past 2 days, including a bone scan. She has a displaced chip in one knee and a non-displaced chip in the other. She also has strained her hind suspensories. She will be fine after chip removal surgery and 60 days of recuperation.

Bal a Bali is doing great and seems to have Mandella pretty excited. He is now in regular racing plates and worked his first official 3 furlongs and got a bullet in the process. Mandella thinks that now he’s seeing the Bali that he saw in his race videos and he’s delighted.

Another top horse doing extremely well is Normandy Invasion. Larry was always high on him but thinks that he’s moving and breathing better than before his injury and recuperation. He speculates that Normandy’s lungs may’ve not quite been 100% after his lung infection last year given how much more energy and air he’s seeing in Normandy now. Normandy is ready for his first breeze but we’re being cautious and going to first have Dr. Bramlage look at him next week to ok him to start breezing.

Look of Eagles came out of his debut sore in a knee so we suspect a chip. He’s going in to Dr. Bramlage and we’ll find out what the issue is with him.

Broadway Show and Bluff both had very nice works this morning. Thirteen Arrows, Cinnamon Spice, and The Sandman are all doing fine. Coup de Grace came out his race well.

Exodus and The Trunk Monkey are getting some time off at the farm but should be returning before too long. General Ike has been gelded and is also getting some time off.

All seems fine at the Kellyn Gorder barn with Texas Two Step.

Jerry Hollendorfer is very excited about Kentuckian. He thinks the horse may be a future superstar, he does everything perfect and with ease. He’s sending him out with company to give him lessons in rating and he seems just fine with rating and listening to his rider.

Jerry is also happy with the three others in the barn — Glory, Ideal, and Bronze Star.

Jeff Runco has Ballad, Kicker Bond, Beetlebomb and Jubilation. The first three are all racing and doing fine physically. Jubilation looks to be getting close to her debut.

All of our two-year-olds with Bill Recio are doing well. The only two-year-old that we had any issues with is the Therese 13, but she’s recuperated and under tack at WinStar and coming along well.

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