Today was the big day regarding Normandy Invasion. He was being seen this morning by Dr. Bramlage to determine if he could go back into training or if he should to be retired to stud. Dr. Bramlage had told us of two top horses who had the same injury who returned their pre-injury form, and he’d given Normandy a 50-50% shot of being able to do the same.

After a very methodical and thorough exam, including x-rays and ultrasounds, Dr. Bramlage gave us the fantastic news that Normandy should return to training. He had healed even better than expected — better than the aforementioned top horses — and stands a great chance of returning to the top level of racing. Dr. Bramlage was so happy for us that he gave Victoria a big congratulatory hug.

So it’s a day of excitement for Fox Hill Farm and the Larry Jones barn. Normandy should be back in Larry’s barn in a couple of weeks. We’d like to thank Dr. Bramlage and all at Rood & Riddle along with Richard Budge and all at WinStar Farm who helped Normandy in his recuperation.

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