Normandy has to be one of the unluckiest horses we’ve had in the barn. First, he had the deep abscess along with being underweight which caused us to give him the 2nd half of his 3yo year off. After just a few races at 4, he then got a lung infection that caused us to give him plenty of time this year. He was getting close to a return when Larry noted the smallest amount of swelling though he wasn’t lame in the least, and it turned out to be a fractured sesamoid. Dr. Bramlage has told us that there is a 50-50% chance that he can return at his prior level and with no increased risk of injury at the site. He will know when he re-examines Normandy in about 45 days. Larry was very excited about Normandy’s prospects for 2015, so we just have our fingers crossed that the healing goes well enough that Dr. Bramlage gives us the green light to return him to training.I will not race him unless Dr Bramlage tells me he can race at the same level as he previously raced.

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