Bal a Bali fighting laminitis

We have a Bal a Bali update that we’d rather not be making. He was scheduled to fly out to Richard Mandella over the weekend, but a small lameness issue cropped up nearing the end of last week. We’ve been proactive at every stage, including sending him to the nearest clinic when he was first noticed lame, but as of yesterday, it was confirmed that we are battling laminitis. We have the vets from Palm Beach Equine as well as Rood & Riddle working on him, and we’ve brought in a mobile cold water pool for him. The news was fairly positive today and we hope that it continues to be positive over the coming days. We’d like to thank Dr. Davis, Dr. Dryden, and everyone else who has been tending to Bal a Bali for all their hard work and dedication to seeing him become well. We hope you’ll send good thoughts to the horse and his team.

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