We had a number of works this morning.
Most exciting was Cassatt who recorded a bullet :58.40 which was 2.80 seconds faster than the second-fastest 5f breeze. Hopefully she’s over her shin issues and we’ll be seeing a good second half of the year with her. She’s the kind that gets your blood going in this sport.
Thirteen Arrows and Coup de Grace both worked 4 furlongs going in :49.60 and :49.40 respectively. A couple of the 2-year-olds got in their first work at the track, with Broadway Show recording a co-bullet for her :36.40 move. Ruby’s Escapade went in :47 flat.
Mary Rita and Linchpin both went in 1:01.20. We’re going to try Linchpin on the turf. Larry took him over to the small turf course and thought he galloped like a different horse on that surface. We’ll just have to see.
Normandy Invasion is settling in well at Larry’s barn and Larry’s just going to play it by ear with him as he gets to know the colt.
General Ike came out of his race well. He’s won two in a row and has made a nice improvement from his prior races.
Clark Kent came out of his debut with sore feet again so we gave him a freshening and he’s back at the barn. He sure is one big, handsome horse.
Fame and Fortune is having some tests run as it seems she may have a lower airway infection. She got a severe case of pneumonia last Fall and as a result she’s more susceptible to getting illnesses such as this.
Cinnamon Spice is in Lexington being treated by Rood & Riddle. She had a severe reaction to antibiotics a couple months ago and has been a sick girl ever since, with the antibiotics wiping out the good bacteria from her intestines. She’s going to need a couple months off just to gain back the weight she lost. Grass and sunshine should do her well.
Kicker Bond and The Sandman are doing well.
The Trunk Monkey re-injured a suspensory. He’s on turnout for at least another month to six weeks, wanting to give him ample time to recover.

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  1. jan June 25, 2014 at 5:09 pm #

    Nice update! Cassatt sure is the kind that gets the blood going!!! 🙂 Good luck with them all.

  2. katrina July 4, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    Hi Rick,
    Yes quite an update indeed!! Cassatt sure sounds like something is going to happen there! Broadway Show seems like a Hot prospect as well!

    I Hope the Best for Normandy. He’s in good hands with Larry.
    I sure feel for Cinnamon Spice! I know what a mash up in your gut can do to ya. can Horses eat kefir? stuff sure works for me. That and of course Bragg’s vinegar

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