The first segment of this show was about the drug problems in thoroughbred horse racing. I hope many of you saw it. If not, it is on demand on Showtime. It also may be replayed. The National HBPA representative did not come across in his interview too honestly, in my opinion. The USADA representative came across as the real deal. He thinks cheating in racing is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst. One of the commentators said that only boxing is considered worse with cheating than horse racing. Now is that time when that group of STRONG OWNERS have come together to solve this problem and make racing the way it was 50-60 years ago. We will bring about a central authority with a commissioner and be like all the other major sports. Testing will change. The way drugs can get on the backside will change. The vets will be accountable and employees of the race track. It will be similar to the Hong Kong model of racing. Their racing is considered as honest and transparent as any in the world. Our group of owners will make this happen. It is just a matter of time. We have a whole different approach this time. We have very strong owners helping our movement. We have experienced, will known outsiders who will help us achieve this goal. Stay tuned. We are on the march and will not stop until the job is done.


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