Rockport Harbor Euthanized

It’s with great sadness that I report that Rockport Harbor has been euthanized due to laminitis. Rocky holds a very special place in my heart. He was the first really good colt that I had in my stable. After going three for three as a two-year-old, topping it off with a dominant and electrifying win in the Remsen, he’s the first colt to give me “Derby dreams.” Not many people know this, but Rocky’s Nashua was also the start of what became a trademark for me — the bowtie. In New York City for the race without a tie for my son, Scott, a sales lady in a men’s store helped Scott pick one out. She thought he would look great in a bowtie and after I saw it, I took my conventional tie off and she selected a bright yellow bowtie with red geese for me. Dressed in my red jacket and new bowtie, we watched Rocky demolish the field. I’ve not worn a conventional tie since the Nashua except for funerals, and we even have a two-year-old colt named Lucky Bowtie in honor of the great Rockport Harbor. I looked at Rocky’s Remsen again today, and encourage you all to watch: What a horse, and what a stride. And he was also a good stallion. Rocky also started something else very important — Through the forum, I interacted with fans, and even after Rocky retired, we kept the website going, eventually morphing into and a Facebook page. Rocky is responsible for a lot of the joy that I’ve gotten from horse racing, and I’ll never forget him. Rest in peace, big boy.


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  1. jan August 3, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    Rick, words can’t say how sorry I am. The first of anything always holds a special place in one’s heart and is never to be forgotten — this can truly be heard in your words! He was a gorgeous animal with special talent — may he be on the fast track to Heaven making his presence felt!

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